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4 Day Gratitude Challenge

4 Day Gratitude Challenge

In celebration of World Gratitude Day, I've created a 4 day gratitude challenge to keep gratitude front of mind as you step through your day. Share this challenge with others to keep the gratitude going 😊

National Self Care Day

National Self Care Day

Implementing self-care and to your daily life The most basic explanation of self-care is about taking care of yourself. The term has been widely used and is mostly associated as a “woman thing” or taking bubble bathes. That is the furthest from the truth, in my honest...

Welcome to Fall

Welcome to Fall

It’s hard to believe we are in October already! The summer has ended and fall has officially begun. Cue the pumpkin lattes 

We have officially transitioned away from summer and into autumn. Daylight is getting shorter day by day, take time out of your day to notice the change of the trees and the shift in daylight. Last week, I celebrated the fall solstice with a group of women on a rooftop for yoga. I had the pleasure of being a student for a Vinyasa flow, kundalini practice, guided meditation, and journaling activity…

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