We have officially transitioned away from summer and into autumn. Daylight is getting shorter day by day, take time out of your day to notice the change of the trees and the shift in daylight. Last week, I celebrated the fall solstice with a group of women on a rooftop for yoga. I had the pleasure of being a student for a Vinyasa flow, Kundalini practice, guided meditation, and journaling activity.

Journaling is a weekly activity I have scheduled on my calendar and enjoy doing. It is my quiet time to reflect internally and acknowledge all that I am grateful for. The thoughts that swirl in my head are quiet after I take the time to write and organize my thoughts. It helps to get out my thoughts without human interaction. Before we begin the holiday season, I challenge you to reflect within and start to capture all that you are grateful for in your life. Start with a journal or the notes section on your phone. You can also capture it in a creative way if you like. I’ve included links below for inspiration. Come back and read the gratitude notes whenever you need encouragement.

Gratitude Inspiration

Gratitude Jar Activity

22 Gratitude Journal Prompts